The year Rob and I got married, his parents kindly and thoughtfully gave us the first part of the Willow Nativity Set.  I loved it, still do, and look forward to sharing it with my family every Christmas.

Since then, they have added pieces: more sheep, shepherds, even an awesome camel.  The star backdrop was the recent addition.

The thing I love most about this set is the sweetness of the Willow carvings.  It's hard to look at it and not feel a love toward Christ and His Nativity.  I'm reminded that He came in the most humblest of forms, a tiny baby, and allowed Himself to be cared for by people like us, people that He willingly would die for, people that He loves.  I'm excited to celebrate His advent this season!


  1. Wow, that just really hit -Christ let people like us take care of him. That is so nuts...

  2. ditto to what kelly said. i can't imagine how overwhelmed mary must have felt, considering she was probably junior-high aged!

  3. I have the same nativity set! I love its simplicity. I just bought my daughter a very small nativity set for her first Christmas that I also love. I will have to post it when I get a chance.


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