New Camera

Remember how I said in my recent birthday post that I am one spoiled girl?  Well, my hub is spoiled, too.  It seems people just like giving him awesome things, and recently my sister Chels topped it all by "loaning indefinitely" to him her awesome Canon camera.  He's been having fun with it, playing with the lenses and taking some pretty great pictures.  Here are just a few, but the posts to come will have more.  It's amazing how much clearer (and cooler) they are than those taken with my camera!  


  1. Fun! I wish someone would loan me indefinitely a Canon point & shoot or an iPhone! :)

  2. Oh no! I'm sure that this is now not too far away!!
    Those pictures are neat, and I'm sure Rob will continue to learn how to take excellent pictures.
    We miss you Feely's! Hope all is well.


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