Highlights and Hopes

Oh dear...it seems I've let another month go by without sharing much of what's going on in our life. I guess the problem is that there is too much going on in our life! Sitting down to blog about it sometimes takes energy that I don't have to give.

But it's Friday morning (my day off!), the sun is shining (finally!), and I have a cup of hot coffee and a chewy gingersnap to enjoy. It's blogging time.

So today I'm bringing you a few highlights from November, and tomorrow I hope to break this blogck (blog block) and start my ten-day Christmas Countdown. (Oh, you didn't know there are only ten days left til Christmas??)

1.  My mom's birthday was November 11th, and we celebrated by heading to Gilroy to do a little shopping. There are few things my mama loves more than hanging out with her girls and shopping! The trip was successful: we bought bridesmaid dresses for Camille's wedding! No picture of those yet, though.
We met up with Chels, but I had left my camera in Starbuck's so didn't get any shots after these!
Luckily they found it and kept it for me!
2. Speaking of Camille's wedding, November was also the beginning of wedding dress shopping. Just recently, Camille did fall in love with THE dress, and she's in the process of ordering it. So exciting!

3. That same weekend, we had a lot of fun snapping pictures of Camille and Scott for them. Here's a fave. Adorable, right?

4. November also is Chelsea Stem's birthday month, so we had a lovely "Roomies Plus One" lunch with her. (Robby was the plus one.)
Ha - I just noticed Camille and Chels both are holding similar bouquets.
I guess I need to add a little more variety to my flower arrangements!
5. And what girl could forget that Breaking Dawn came out last month? I did not see it on opening night, but I did show a little of my obsessed side by attending a Twilight party before our viewing. It was a lot of fun and super creative! And yes, I won (along with Steph) the Twilight Trivia. I'm not sure if I should be proud of that.

6. Last but not least I had a visit from Kelly...but we have no pictures to prove it. But she did come, and it was awesome! We treated ourselves to a great dinner out and then lounged around on the couch gabbing and watching tv. Just what we love :)

Those events along with Thanksgiving and all the celebrating that comes with it made November a fabulous month! No wonder I didn't have time to blog :)


  1. Yay! Welcome back to blogging! We've missed you ;-)


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