Lemon Frozen Yogurt with Plum Sauce

It's hot here. Really, really hot. Unbearably, can't-even-walk-outside-for-a-second hot.

You know what's nice when it's hot outside? Cold things. And cold things that taste good are extra nice!

I whipped up this little dessert a few days ago, and it has been such a treat for me! Yes, I had to use the stove to make the plum sauce (a crime when the temps are 105 plus), but it was quick, I promise. And I can't even adequately describe how much I love plum sauce now. It's tart like boysenberries, but smooth and sweet like cherries.
Lemon Frozen Yogurt
What You Need
1 quart full fat plain Greek yogurt
Juice from 3 small lemons
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1 cup sugar (start with less, then add)
A couple tablespoons of orange liqueur (optional, of course)
1/2 t vanilla
1 t ginger (next time, I'll use a bit of fresh grated, but I used powder this time)
Pinch of salt

What You Do
Mix your ingredients and taste them! Honestly, I probably veered from what I'm saying here because I wanted my fro-yo to taste how I like my fro-yo, which is no doubt different from how you like your fro-yo. So I added a little more of this and that until I loved it, and then I poured that delicious mixture into my ice cream maker! If you have time, chill it for an hour or so.

Plum Sauce
What You Need
Plums (I used Santa Rosa because that's what I was given...they were perfect.)
Vanilla (Extract or use a bean if you have it!)

*The ratio is 1 pound of plums to 1/2 cup sugar and 1 t vanilla (or a half of a bean). I had about 6 plums (1/2 pound), so I used 1/4 cup sugar and 1/2 t vanilla.

What You Do
Using a paring knife, quarter the plums over a saucepan so all the juice drips into the saucepan. You can leave the pits--they add extra flavor! Stir in your sugar and vanilla, bring to a barely-boil, then drop to a low simmer for 20 minutes. Remove the pits and smooth with an immersion blender. Drizzle over anything you have, including the lemon frozen yogurt! The sauce will harden slightly in the fridge but keeps nicely.

Stay cool, and enjoy!


  1. Never would have thought to put those together! Pucker cheeks! : ) I love both separately, so it makes sense they would be awesome together.

  2. I can't wait to try this! I've got that ice cream maker from my birthday, and I've been getting tons of plums from the CSA!

  3. Ooo wow, GREAT picture! I'm so glad you added your web address on it cause I could seriously see the photo going viral on Pinterest. Oh and isn't that so frustrating when you see an amazing photo and you actually want to find out where it comes from so you can get the recipe but BUMMER it's a dead link! Anyway, I definitely want to try the plum sauce but I think I'll just serve it over some good ol' vanilla ice cream. :)

    1. Debbie, the nice thing about making it all yourself is you get to control how tart you want it! But yes, pucker cheeks indeed, ha! Kelly, do it! You are a tart-lover like I am, and I know you will fall in love with cooked plums like I did. Thanks for the compliment, Steph! :)


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