This Year's Simple Mantel: Evergreen, White, and Silver

This is our sixth Christmas in our home in Visalia. Many of our decorations remain the same each year––there's something wonderful about tradition. But I like to change up a few things, just to keep it fresh. The mantel was my focus this Christmas season, kept simple with a real piece of driftwood,  evergreen ('s fake) garland, shiny deer and candles, and white touches. Oh and of course silver bells.

Come along, she says. 
Stockings aren't hung yet. I'm waiting until Christmas Eve this year! That's a new one for me.

To complete the look, we added two lighted white deer to the backyard, which I can see from the window next to the mantel. (These we won at an auction this weekend supporting overseas missions. Great items for a great cause!)
Aren't they sweet? I love deer, although I understand they can be quite a nuisance to those who actually find them in their backyards.

What about you? Did you make any changes to your Christmas decorating this year? Or do you find warm comfort in keeping it the same?


  1. This year we went with LED lights on the tree. Not so bright on the tree since they have some directionality to them; but, they do make great patterns on the ceiling and walls which is fun. Next year I think I'll put up some regular lights too.

    1. Yeah, I kinda like the mix of LED and regular lights - it looks like silver and gold since each has its own shade of white. We have these little tiny disco ball ornaments (we're crazy over here) that reflect light all over. Pretty cool - Calla loves them. :)


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