Four on Friday


Happy Halloween! I made this fun felt mask following this tutorial, and I love it! I think felt masks are so fantastic, don't you? Also, I realized I have quite the stash of felt! It's the best material for crafting since it doesn't fray and can be molded.
The fox mask went great with my fox leggings, a last minute find at Target. This was the first year I spent Halloween at home and handed out candy! I've always wanted to do that! Most years, we're at our church event, but since Robby came down with the flu last night, our plans changed.

We were vendors at our local Harvest Festival last weekend and had a lot of fun, once again. Even though it wasn't quite as busy as the Makers Market, we met so many great people and made a few nice sales!

I made this festive fall wreath this week. It turned out so pretty, but I'm most proud of the fact that most of it is made of pieces I've collected. I dried the boxwood a couple of months ago, as well as the mini pomegranates. The putka pods (they look like pumpkins) and tiny acorns are from Ohio, and the lovely white berries are from Debbie's tree. Just like that my door is dressed up!


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