The Nephew

Nathan and Deb came this weekend for a visit, and we were able to celebrate Nathan's first birthday a week early. I think the grandparents and his auntie and uncle were more excited about it than he was! We were thrilled to be able to get him more of a "big boy" gift -- a cool lawnmower. They're way cooler than they were when we were little. They still have little things that "pop" when you move it, but now there are real lawnmower sounds and music. It's pretty cute. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and so took zero pictures of him with his cool presents and his terrible time trying to eat his cupcake. (He did not like having frosting on his hands.) I did, however, snag these adorable ones of him enjoying the not nearly as glamorous--but apparently just as interesting to him--"toys" at our house: tupperware, medicine balls, and a big cushion.


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