Taste of the Town

Every October, Visalia hosts a "Taste of Downtown," where you can pay a flat fee and taste the greatest morsels and desserts our little town can offer. Last night, 25 restaurants, bakeries, and food joints opened their downtown doors for this fine occasion. Robby and I, as well as his mom and dad, joined other 100's of Visalians for this event and had a wonderful time. My favorites? A yummy spicy pasta dish from Fugazzi's, a taste of salmon and butter sauce from Henry's, a glass of sparkling sangria (Fugazzi's again), and an exciting pink cupcake from the new Frosted Muffin. My absolute least favorite--and this truly left me gagging--was a spaghetti squash with a pistachio meatball from Jack and Charlie's. I took the fall for everyone on that one - no one else tried it after they saw my reaction. Overall, it was a pleasant evening with good food and good company!


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