Is it still October?

I think most teachers would agree that October is one of the longest teaching months there is. There are a couple of reasons that contribute to this. First, students are well into the year, which means they are well over the "new student" mood. They push, they test, they choose not to do homework or listen. Second, there is not one day off in October. Nothing! We've got Labor Day in September, Veteran's Day in November, but nada in October. Third, the weather is all over the place - one day it's raining, one day it's sunny, one day it's foggy. Students are kind of like cats - the weather affects their emotions. Something changes, and they're all freaked out. Finally, the fact that October has 31 days just tops it all off. Crammed in between two 30-day months, that extra day is truly noticeable.


  1. I totally AGREE!!! It's been dragging. Every week has seemed so long. Soon it will be November and then we get lots of Vacation!!


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