DC at Night

DC has this amazing characteristic of being especially beautiful at night thanks to the lit monuments everywhere. For Rob and Jeff, it was a real highlight to go out together and take pictures three of those nights. Jeff, an experienced photographer, gave Rob some great tips--as well as a loan of a tripod--and helped him produce some real beauties.
Just outside the Capitol Building...before a policeman came and told them to move! Apparently, tripods are not allowed this close to the Capitol, and one must have a permit at any rate. Oops!
Washington Monument
Look closely! That's Abraham Lincoln sitting up there.
The Capitol...after the said permit was acquired.
Another great one of the Washington Monument
The Smithsonian Castle
The Jefferson Memorial
Reflection of the Washington Monument
Jefferson Memorial...see him?


  1. The first one of the Jefferson Memorial is AMAZING!!!!

  2. wow those are awesome photos!! i wish i had more time and was naturally better at taking pics...i think i would love it! :) nice job rob!


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