Friday Faves

Life has been busy, and to be honest, there has been a lot of sorrow these past days and months. Today I'm so grateful for the sweet and bright moments this week had:
  1. The weather has been unbelievable. I'm thankful for the glorious sunshine mixed with the cooler air. Nothing compares to enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning with my sweetie.
  2. What a gift it is to have photos of the people we love. It's been special sifting through photos of my grandma and remembering her.
  3. Sometimes I'm amazed how easy we have it when it comes to finding a recipe. I'm on a no-sugar, no-carb, no-anything-tasty-at-all diet (trying to kick some persistent problems), and yet there is a world of creative recipes at my fingertips. Thankful for those who take the time to share them!
  4. I'm full of gratitude for the words of hope in Scripture. They truly are life.
  5. And all the little things: my cat who keeps me entertained, the cozy blankets Grandma Rosalie has made for us, sparkling water with lime juice (a great sugar-free drink), the changing leaves... 
There's so much more, but these are making me smile right now. What are you thankful for this week?


  1. thankful for you and this post... my attitude has not been great lately and I only have good things to be thankful for, nothing worth complaining over (which is what I have been doing). So thanks for reminding me there are things to be thankful for!!!

    1. You're too sweet, Marisa. I too forget to be helps to make myself sit down and write it sometimes.

  2. My favs are really. Especially this one so I can keep up with you guys and vicariously live in Visalia.
    P.s. those candy corn cupcakes looked awesome!

    1. John, I agree with you! I love keeping up with friends and what's-up on blogs. I'm thinking we need a post from D-Brt soon :)


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