It's Okay to Gawk! (5 Sites You Need to Know About!)

Meet the Gawker family: Foodgawker, Dwellinggawker, Craftgawker, Weddinggawker, and Stylegawker.

I know the names look ridiculous lined up like that, but hear me out. These sites are pretty fantastic.

I'd say they're very much like Pinterest, except you aren't doing the pinning. A team of people who love good photography and reliable sources curate photographs to give us the best of what's out there. While I'll always love Pinterest for giving us a simple way to organize and share our favorites (and giving my NavBar a break), Pinterest can let me down in a couple ways:
  • First, it is so disappointing when I click on a pin that takes me nowhere...or worse, to a dumb Flickr account.
  • Second, because Pinterest is basically limited to what pinners pin, the search feature isn't always so helpful. 
These sites ensure the photographs come from an actual post from a blogger, and both a search feature and category feature help you refine what you're looking for. You can create an account and have favorites, or you can simply find what's beautiful and inspiring and pin it! 

Below is a tiny glimpse of what each offers. 

1. Foodgawker: Food of all kinds, as well as cooking techniques and how-to's from food bloggers

2. Dwellinggawker: Living and work space inspiration from design and architecture bloggers

3. Craftgawker: Handmade arts and crafts from craft bloggers

4. Weddinggawker: Inspirational styles and ideas from wedding photographers/bloggers

5. Stylegawker: DIY fashion, beauty, and style projects from fashion and style bloggers

Had you heard of these sites before? What do you think?


  1. Foodgawker!!! Except it always makes me hungry...

    1. That is so true! Not the best place to gawk when I'm trying to stick to my no-sugar thing...


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