Development of a Photo

We've been working on our Adoption Profile (the large scrapbook-portfolio that birth parents view to get an idea of who we are) for the last week straight. I realized that my photos were lacking in a couple of areas, one big one being that I didn't have a recent and complete photo with my side of the family!

As luck would have it, Chels and Roger had planned to come into town for two days of fun this weekend! So before things got too crazy with the next level of our pool volleyball game, we attempted to take a photo.

It started with bossy pants. Pink bossy pants, actually.

After a few attempts, we got one!

Then began discussion time for the next pose. (I'm dying at all of our faces. Me, Chels, Robby with that serene smile. And of course Mom with her green-casted leg.)

Fake laughing photo, to show that we're a fun family.

It may have started off with fake laughter, but soon it became real...

 ...until Scott took it a little too far! Hand on the belly and everything.

Then I realized that my pink suit under my white cover-up looked no different than pink underwear under my white cover-up, so I borrowed a nearby dress.

Finally, Camille proposed we do something more natural, like sit by the pool. Brilliant! Almost there...

Got it!



  1. That's a really cute post, Can. And the pictures are super fun. I was scratching my head of the hot pink bikini bottoms - mostly because they didn't indicate a top. So I laughed out loud when you realized they showed up quite a bit.

    1. Yeah, didn't really think it through when I started orchestrating the photo. But it all turned out okay in the end!

  2. SO Funny! Dying at those faces- seriously! And once you pointed out the pink- I was like, "yup, looks like she wearing pink undies and nothing else!", maybe not the message you want to send- lol!

    1. Ha! Yep, we'd like to send a little less risqué message :)

  3. LOVE all of this! The funny/eerily calm faces, the fake/real laughter, your personalities coming through the lens! Love you guys! xoxo


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