Happy birthday, Steph!

Last Friday, Steph turned 31, so we ditched their kiddos and headed out for a birthday dinner at Bravo Farms. The meal started off fantastic: we love their cheese curds (basically fried mozzarella balls) and sweet potato fries, so we wasted no time ordering one of each. Or two ;)
Sadly, the dinner went downhill from there, though. Steph's steak–which was supposed to be well done–was grossly rare. My steak was the opposite: overcooked, when it should have been a perfect medium. After sending them back, they still weren't right! That, in addition to the awkward waitress who brought us the wrong ticket twice, will likely mean this will be the last dinner we have there. We won't rule them out for lunch, though–always good and a much better price.

The evening was still fun, though. How could it not be? I gave Steph a new necklace and top, we had time to catch up and laugh and celebrate, and we even managed a successful group photo, something we haven't done in years.

We think the above photo will work for the band we start someday. 

Steph, I'm so lucky to have you in my life! I hope this year is full of many blessings! Happy birthday!



  1. Fun! Loved getting out- too bad our waitress was such weirdo! It just gives us an excuse to go out again soon, a do-over! :)


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