Yours {Song}

I wrote "Yours" in the spring of 2013, and it was a song with many layers for me. It came out of a reflection on Psalm 139, a favorite passage in Scripture that reminds us of an incredible truth: Before we existed, before we took a single breath, God knew us. Even more, He loved us. 


Before my heart beat,
before I was
Before my story
even had page one
Before the forming
in the depths of the earth
I was yours, I was yours,
Long before.

Before dawn came
and I walked in light
Before my lungs
took their breath of life
Before my melody
could sound and soar
I was yours, I was yours,
Long before

So I’ll give my heart to you,
quite full of awe
That you made me and loved me
and out of grace called me
to seek you and know you
Creator and God,
I draw near to you,
I am safe in your love.

Before our hands
even reached to hold
Before our eyes
looked upon this world
Before our voices
could speak a word
We were yours, we were yours,
Long before.


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