Grey Studio Daybed Cover

I've had this studio day sofa in my living room for a few years now, and I've loved it from the start. My only complaint was the color: as much as I like red, it's not a color I'd choose for a piece of major furniture. Getting it in red wasn't Robby's first choice, either; he had to go with it because the white cover it came with ripped, and red was the only option. I've looked at purchasing a new slipcover, but those things are expensive! No less than $100, and usually they're not even in a color I love. A few weeks ago I remembered I had a gray duvet I was no longer using. In a fit of inspiration, I pulled it out and was thrilled to see it was long enough to work! I made a few cuts, a few easy stitches, and soon my corner was calm and gray, just like I wanted it to be.

Creating a detailed tutorial for this wouldn't be much use, but if by chance you happen to have this studio day sofa, and if you happen to dislike your current color of slipcover, and if you happen to have a king-size duvet on hand, you need to do the following:
  1. Lay out the duvet on floor.
  2. Place the cushion over it in the direction it will fit and/or you want the fabric to go. Make sure the duvet opening is at one of the edges. (My openings had buttons! So cute!)
  3. Measure where you need to cut, adding extra material for the squishiness of the cushion. A good way to measure is to wrap a fabric measuring tape (or a piece of string that you'll later measure) 'll the way around, then cut that length in half. Add just a bit for the seams.
  4. Place right sides together and sew the three sides, leaving the side with the opening (where you likely have buttons) open.
  5. Turn right side out and slip over the cushion.
That is it. It really took me about two hours total to do, and considering it saved me at least $100, I'd say it was time well spent.


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