Fun with the Fam

This past week, the Vander Kooi and Verwey families spent their time in the sun together, and no minute went by without fun fun fun. The only sad part? Robby couldn't come. He was working as a counselor at camp for the week. But you won't be able to tell I was sad by these pictures. I promise I missed you, hon!

Mom + the Girls: Can, Chels, Beebs, and Car (as we all call each other)
My cousin Kara and I stop for a quick picture together. Things may have changed in our lives (ie husbands and babies for her), but we're still best pals.

Kara's son Kase was a little fish. He would go from pool to spa as many times as his mom would let him. More fish! Carly and Chelsea enjoy a bubbly they can sit in.

The "little" girls who are not so little anymore: Alison, Camille, Carly, and Amy

Dad getting ready to take a bite out of lobster. It looks like his hand is a claw! Silly Camille
Carly and Chelsea looking like hot beach babes
Gorgeous in green!

Lounging like there's no tomorrow...but tomorrow has come since we're all back in the heat of the valley! Can't wait for next year! And hopefully my husband will be able to join me!


  1. How fun Can! I'm so jealous...although we'll be in sunny So Cal in a week and a half!! Not that I'm counting or anything. :)


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