Happy Birthday, Kelly!

I've recently written about Kelly's and my "meet cute" -- and how our friendship started and grew from that day. (Check it out here.) Today, in honor of my sweet friend's birthday, I thought I'd do something very English teachery: make an acrostic poem out of the letters of her name.

K is for Kelly, her name, which I love because when I was growing up, I thought Kelly was an awesome name, right up there with Stacy and Crystal. How I wished I could have had one of those rad 80's names for myself. Kelly's name also means vibrant and lively, which does indeed describe her! (See how I sneaked two more descriptions in? Her name is only five letters long! That's not much to work with!)

E is for Encouraging. Kelly is an incredibly encouraging person, one of those "always-on-your-side" people. I love that. I only have to hint that I've received some negative comment or criticism, and she's there defending me!

L is for Loving. Kelly loves, and loves deeply. She also loves sacrificially, which is the highest form of love, wouldn't you say? I know that all I'd have to do is ask her to be somewhere for me, and she would rearrange her life and make it work.

L is for Learner. This girl epitomizes the phrase "life-long learner"! When she takes an interest in something, she does not rest until she knows it well. This makes her great in a number of things, but lately, I'm most impressed with her cooking. We've had some amazing meals a la Kelly!

Y is for Youthful. She may be another year older, but I swear she doesn't age. Where are the wrinkles?  Youthful also describes her passionate love for life.

May this day and this year be full of God's wonderful blessings, Kelly!!!


  1. what a great post! and happy birthday to Kelly!

  2. Oh dear friend, thank you so much for this sweet post! I love you!

    1. Hopefully this will give a bit of grace to me in case your dumb card doesn't arrive in time! I'm so bummed it's still not there!! :(

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I love your post, Candace!


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