Friday Faves

I like the idea of having certain themes to write about on certain days, like "Thankful Thursdays" (How Sweet It Is) and "Sunday Sweets" (Cake Wrecks) and "Tackle-it Tuesdays" (Potpourri of Life). Although alliteration is not necessary for these themes, it is much welcomed. I attempted to try this with Friday Faves, but I found that I always drew a blank once Friday rolled around. The problem was, I couldn't think of a good category. Today, then, instead of writing a Friday Faves, I am going to take the time I would usually sit here and generate a list.

foods, desserts, restaurants, make-up products, hair products, places to visit, decorating sites, kitchen utensils, flowers, actors, short stories, books (done that, but could always do it again), poems, movies, places in Visalia, clothes, splurges...

I've already run out, and it's time to wrap this up. If you have categories, please help me!


  1. hee hee...i tried this, and actually did a few, but like you ran out of categories. but you can always do holiday themed ones! favorite birthday, Christmas, etc. or traditions, memories...musicians/artists, Bible verses, blogs...that help?


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