Trip to the Getty

This past Wednesday, I, along with four other teachers, took 45 middle school students to the Getty for a field trip. Sounds like a nightmare, but actually we had a great time. Here are my five favorite things about the Getty:

1. Leonardo da Vinci's sketches - This is the special exhibit going on at the Getty right now. It was incredible seeing a glimpse into da Vinci's mind through his sketches. They ranged from sketches of sculptures he had planned to face muscles to children to construction plans.

2. Rembrandt's paintings - I know very little about art, so I was excited to see that one particular artist stood out to me out of hundreds. Rembrandt's paintings were remarkable and the colors looked unreal.

3. The Getty's Central Garden - The Getty is known for its gardents, but the Central Garden was spectacular. We couldn't have come at a more appropriate time since the weather was perfect and nearly all of the flowers were in full bloom. The designer attempted to create a garden that reflected California's plants, as well as other Mediterranean plants.
4. The bouganvillas - These are one of Rob's favorite flowers he's planted for us, so it was incredible to see a humongous tree-shaped trellis filled and overflowing with this vine. 5. The spectacular views and perfect weather

If you get a chance, go before the flowers fade and da Vinci is gone!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Getty. Did you see the Illuminated Manuscripts? That is my favorite. So amazing to see how much time and reverence was put into the creation of the Bible. :)


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