One of the more exciting things about being a homeowner is getting to grow plants and flowers. (We haven't yet ventured to try growing our own vegetables.) Usually, whenever I wanted flowers in my house, they either needed to be dry (which smell badly), fake (which gather dust), or bought (which costs money). Now that we have flowers growing in our yard, we can cut them and bring them inside to enjoy!

I was thrilled then this week when I came home to a lovely hand-picked bouquet of roses neatly arranged in a vase, roses that Robby had grown himself. Very sweet.


  1. Hey, neat vase! HA. BTW, it is really great getting comments on my blog. So I must apologize for rarely commenting on yours!

  2. The point is the flowers, not the vase!
    (from Rob)

  3. Yeah, yeah Rob! The flowers are great, I guess. I am pretty sure that vase is super awesome though.


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