DIY: Button-Closed Pillow

I love throw pillows. They are a great way to liven up a room in an instant. The pillows I have made have been very simple, so I wanted to step it up just a tiny bit. Debbie told me it's quite easy to make a pillow slip cover, instead of doing it my way, which is to sew a case directly onto the pillow insert.

This was my first attempt. I plan to try it again very soon and work out the little problems I came across. Overall though, it was a lot of fun!

***Okay, I started writing out the instructions, and even I was getting confused, and I already made it. So...if you want to know how to do this, send me an email or write it in the comments. I'll work on some clearer instructions.


  1. I LOVE this!!! Email me how to make one. :)

  2. Wow, Can! It's beautiful! Is the bird inlaid in the fabric or is it applique? I love the background fabric that you chose too. You forgot to call me though to tell me that you were crafting. ;) I have LOTS of crocheting to do before the end of the year and I love to do it with company. I won't put all the pressure on you though...I will call you when I have craft time!


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