FFF: Recipes

I have been in baking mode lately, as you are aware. (Sorry to all of those who are trying to watch what they eat and then I post pics of yummy cakes and cookies!) I thought I'd share my favorite sites to go to when looking for a tasty treat.

1. Williams-Sonoma (need I even mention this again?) - Over and over I have found recipes that are top notch. I can't say they are healthy, but when you just want something to taste good, this is a good site to go to. (Needing a healthier alternative? Cooking Light has been pretty good to me, and their cakes have been very tasty.)

2. Design*Sponge - Yes, my favorite decorating site also hosts a number of fabulous recipes. One of the major perks of this site is the beautiful photography of the food. That alone is worth checking out.

3. Betty Crocker - My mom still says that some of the best recipes she's had came from the old Betty Crocker cookbook. Another good ol'e book is the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, the classic red and white checkered necessity.

4. Cooks Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen - Unfortunately, you must be a member to sign in to see these recipes, but they do have free trials, so you could pull a Kelly and copy and paste every single interesting recipe in an afternoon. Another hint is to look for their end of the year magazine, which includes the best recipes from the year. That's where I've gotten a lot of jewels lately.

5. Epicurious.com - This one is last because I haven't tried and verified enough, but the couple I have tried have turned out yummy. If you've ever visited Marisa's blog, Renewing My Mind, you may have seen her amazing Sea Salt Caramel Cupcakes post. That was an epicurious creation.

Any sites or cookbooks that are invaluable to you? Let me know!


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