A Healthy Fall

I mentioned recently that I have taken up a new health venture, which begins by basically cutting out anything yummy.  No sugar whatsoever (not even in fruit), no starches whatsoever (because it basically turns into sugar), and no beans or grains, especially wheat.  You also cut out milk products (except yogurt and a bit of heavy cream or butter--they don't have much sugar) and aged or fermented products of any sort.  Instead of all that, you eat a lot of protein, vegetables, and yogurt.  This extreme version is the first phase.  After a couple of weeks of this, you slowly begin introducing the better grains back into your diet.

I am currently in Phase 2 of this diet.  That means I got through two whole weeks of absolutely no sugar, starch, or grains.  It was so difficult.  The first few days I seriously felt like I was going through a detox.  My hands were shaky, and I was starving all the time.  I heard that that part would fade as I continued, and it did.  By the second week, I was fine, and even found I was less hungry.  Of course, when I say fine, I mean that I still had meltdowns every night because I did not want to eat another boiled egg or cup or yogurt for a snack.  But overall, fine.

This wasn't prompted by a desire to lose weight or even a desire to become healthier.  This came because I was sick of dealing with some annoying health things all the time and sick of the medications not helping.  We all know diet affects our health, so I thought it was time to try this.

All that being said, I'm feeling tons better!  I can see a huge improvement, which truly is the only thing motivating me to keep going.  It's not easy eating this way, but the benefits have been amazing.  I just hope I have the strength to keep this up, especially through the holidays.

So if you have any high protein, high vegetable, low everything else recipes, please pass them along.  I'll try to share some of mine, too.  Some were quite tasty!

(*I'm being a bit vague about it all on purpose, but if you'd like to know more about the diet, you can click on this link.  I didn't stick to this particular site's entire philosophy, but it was a starting point for me.)


  1. i did something like this a few years ago after getting my blood tested for food allergies. it did suck but i was AMAZED at how much energy i had!! i could eat some starches though, but no dairy or eggs. can you do fish?

  2. whoa! this is an entirely different way to eat but totally understand your desired goal/outcome. I will definitely add this to my prayer for you Can! For the safety of others I can never give up sugar ha, huggs!


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