A Truly Terrifying Creation

Every year, our church puts on the Fall Round-up on Halloween night.  One of the best activities (in my opinion) is the cake walk.  Perhaps I feel this way because when I was a little girl, the cake walk was my favorite thing to do.  There were just few things that could compare to having my number drawn and getting to choose my very own giant cake.  Awesome.  I wanted to bring treats to keep the fun going, so I made the delicious yellow cake recipe Kelly shared with us recently, using the batter to make some cupcakes and a mini-cake. The cupcakes turned out just fine...simple and cute:

The cake...well...here is what the picture on the box looks like.  I got it from Crate and Barrel, and it's supposed to look like a mini three-tiered cake:

And mine:

Who needs spiders or fake blood?  This cake is down right scary.  I hope someone was brave enough to choose it, though, because it tastes amazing!


  1. AAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, that cake is so bad! I wish I were there when you were frosting it. HAHAHAHA. And ya, I beat you to the privacy post. But here I declare, on your still public post, that you were the one that was going to go private first.

  2. Bahaha! That is so funny! When I was doing the cake walk I didn't even see that cake- did someone actually take it home!? It really is bad, you should submit it to Cake Wrecks!

  3. I guess I missed that you are going private?


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