Lessons from Yosemite

This past weekend, Robby and I had the pleasure of spending a night with Chels and Roger in Yosemite. It was just wonderful, although what should have been a three and a half hour trip to arrive there turned out to be eight hours.  Yep.  Eight hours.  But even that long trip couldn't put a damper on the amazing evening and day we had.   In fact, I found that it provided a few lessons, which I wanted to share.

1.  The journey--as difficult or frustrating as it may be--is worth it quite simply because the destination is worth it.  If we had not continued on the journey, we would have missed seeing this:

I know.  Breathtaking.

2.  Storms are frightening and sometimes even painful, but light always breaks.  Dark skies and snow-fall led to blue skies and dazzling white tree-tops.

3.  Nothing compares to the joy of spending time with those we love.

4.  It's worth it to see the view from another's perspective.  See what Roger captured:

5.  And...sometimes, the unplanned outcome of something is far better than the original plan!

(An avalanche of snow fell off of our roof just as Robby was snapping a picture of them.  Not the normal smiley photo, but perfect, right?)


  1. LOVE all of this!!!! Great lessons, fabulous photos, quality people.

  2. love that last photo! what a great shot :)

  3. So fun! That last photo is hilarious!! Send me the original!


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