Tidbits Tuesday (and #600!)

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Have I mentioned how much I love spring break?  Who knew Tuesdays could be so wonderful??  Oh yeah...I did...last year, when I didn't work.  Sigh.

Here are a few tidbits for your reading pleasure.  I hope you are finding time to enjoy this incredible spring weather and reflect upon our Lord's week before His death and resurrection.

  • Yesterday my mother-in-law said that this is the time of year in the garden when--if you're not diligent to literally stop and smell the flowers--you might miss something.  It seems everyday something new is blooming and taking our breath away.  Our gorgeous camellias finally opened two days ago.  Is this not spectacular?

  • Another flower that looks fake it's so pretty: sparaxis.  I might have guessed someone took some yellow paint and painted the inside.  Amazing.
  • We had a great day yesterday, which began relaxing as we sat outside at my parents' house and ended busy and productive as we helped Carly get her new washer and dryer.  Of course when I say "we" I really mean my dad and Robby working overtime for her.

  • We had a wonderful time with our friends Andrew and Shannon plus their little one who stayed with us Sunday night on their way to Yosemite.  We barbecued (in spite of the rainy weather) and had banana splits for dessert, then talked music and church for a couple hours and played four games of Blokus, Rob's new favorite.  (His theory of "whoever has the first move wins" was debunked the last round, which should have been his game to win.)
  • Thanks to Steph, I was able to get that blog feed I wanted.  Now you can simply click on "Music" or "Loveliest Way" in the tabs and get a feed from those two blogs.  Neat, huh?  The site is rssfeedwidget.com if you're interested in checking it out. 
  • I am enjoying Tolkein's The Silmirillion, which is, as many people warned, quite a read.  However, I will say that it's worth the effort.  I'll have to share more once I finish.
  • This is my 600th post here at the Feely's Fresh Nest!  What should I do to celebrate?


  1. The washer and dryer look like they fit perfect! I hope they work out great for her.

    What did you think of the beginning of the Silmirillion (Creation account)? I've never talked to a musician about it and I'd love to know the impact it had on you.


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