Snow and more snow!

A few more pictures of our wonderful trip, with a bit more explanation:

It snowed on our way there, hence the eight hours to reach our destination.  It was pretty awesome seeing this snowfall, though.  I had never seen anything like it, so even though I was a bit concerned and felt very badly for my poor hub out trying to put chains on our tires, it proved to be unforgettable.

By the way, part of my concern came because the chains we bought were terrible.  Once we finally got moving and they had cleared the road, we discovered one of our chains had fallen off.  That's right -- around we turned in search of the missing chain...and we found it!

We went from crazy snow (above) to this calmer setting in a matter of hours since we had to turn around and go another route.  (Again...this contributed to the lengthy drive.)

But we made it eventually!  The cabin we stayed in was perfect for our visit.  Roger and Chelsea served deliciousness the whole night--food, drinks, cheeses--and then we sat around the table by a fire to play games into the early morning.  We awoke to this from our bedroom:

After breakfast began the trip into Yosemite which included many stops and photo-ops.  And snowballs.  Lots of snowballs.

As we climbed higher and higher, suddenly we were in Twilight-land--all dark and misty.  I'm pretty sure this is where Edward fought Victoria.

Just a few more on our way into Yosemite Valley, once the mist and fog cleared a bit:

Finally into the Valley where we saw a bear!  Too bad we couldn't get our cameras out in time, but Robby and Chels did pose in front of where the bear once sat.

Lunch and plenty more pictures, and then it was time to head out.  But not before we stopped and hopped over this fence to get a better view...

...of this!  Coffee mug, anyone?

From there we said our good-byes.  Robby and I had one last stop--Tunnel View--on our way out:

And just when I thought we couldn't see anything more incredible--we had, afterall, seen waterfalls, snowfall, a bear, misty mountains--there was a deer!  Icing on the cake!  Or maybe there already had been tons of icing, and this was the cherry :)


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