A Terrarium

I put together this terrarium on Monday, and I am in love with it. I'm not sure why, but for some reason the teeny tiny plants looking like a little forest makes me smile. Robby loves it, too. He wanted me to wander around the house and find more glasses to make a whole terrarium garden. I'm currently trying to burn through the last of a White Barn candle to use that jar. It would be a great size. 

This really is the sweetest and simplest spring project, and you can dress it up in all sorts of ways. For my friends with little ones (I'm thinking specifically of Anna here!), wouldn't this be a fun thing to do? If you leave it outside, you could even let them introduce some friendly ladybugs. And talk about a pretty great centerpiece for a wedding or dinner.
Not that this project needs a whole lot of explanation, but just in case, here ya go:

Materials and Directions

-Glass jar: Really anything will do, such as a wide-mouthed mason jar, a vase, a fishbowl even! The key is to keep it simple and make sure it is deep and wide enough. I had this one from forever ago.
-Little rocks or pebbles: Find some in your yard, or do like I did and buy a bag from JoAnn's for $2.00 Have fun with shapes, colors, sizes, textures.
-A piece of cheesecloth, burlap (that's what I used since I had it on hand), or green yard material to place between the rocks and dirt. Make sure it allows water to flow through.
-Soil or dirt
-Baby plants: We found these in our yard! Anything with roots will work, but keep in mind evergreens may be better. Succulents are especially nice, but I didn't want to buy any.
-Rocks, bark, or other "accessories" to dress up your forest

Place the rocks in first, as many as you'd like. Put your breathable layer next, and then add a good few inches of soil. Pack it down. Add in your lovely little plants, packing it nice and tight. Accessorize with rocks, shells, bark, or whatever else you'd like. Tie a spring-colored ribbon if you want. Keep your plant family nice and moist. The glass jar can get warm!

You'll fall in love with yours, too. Just watch. :)

Have a spring project, recipe, idea, or photograph to share? Hop on in!



  1. This is so CUTE, and you are right, Anna and even Nicholas would love it!

  2. Last Sunday after Church the kids and I found a ladybug in the fields. It was so much fun. Great idea to make a little home for it :)

    1. Sounds like an easy weekend project for your family!


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