Spring Wreath

A couple of weeks ago Rob trimmed and pruned our elm trees. It's actually really exciting to be at the point where our trees need a trimming! He made a HUGE pile of branches--probably 4 feet tall and 8 feet in diameter. He was breaking them up, trying to cram them in the green waste bin. Now I am a sucker for branches. There had to be something I could do with them.

I had just (yes, just, as in three days before) thrown out my Christmas wreath on our front door. It looked pretty sad, all yellow and crunchy, but removing it made my front door quite bare. Project! Those branches would be perfect to bend into a wreath.

I chose medium sized branches that still had some bend, grabbed a little twine, and got to work. It was simple--I just started by twisting branches together and worked my way around, adding more and more branches and tying here and there with twine. Soon a circle took shape, and since the branches were freshly cut, I could bend them as needed. After I had my basic wreath, I went around the yard choosing and cutting flowers. It turned out lovely!

Too bad the flowers only lasted a day. Still it was amazing having a wreath born completely from our yard.

If pruning is in your forecast, give this a try!

Have a spring idea, recipe, or project to share? Hop in!



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