Saturday Snippets

Happy Saturday! I thought we would be greeted by sunshine this morning, but instead we have another cloudy day. No rain, so at least we can venture outside. Before I do, though, thought I'd share a few bits and pieces of our life.
  • I'm almost one week into the waiting period to see the results of our IUI. It's kind of nice that this one came as it did because I find I'm not dwelling on it like I have in the past. Still...looking forward to the day I can take a test!
  • One thing to complain about: The progesterone pills to take after said IUI are such a pain. They make me crazy. I'll just leave it at that.
  • I am loving the iPad app PhotoShop Touch that my husband bought recently. Because I was stuck on the couch Tuesday, I spent some time playing with it. Let me just say I have ZERO experience doing anything like this (never even played with Paint before), but it's been a lot of fun. I even made a new banner for my Loveliest Way blog! I'm pretty proud of myself :)
  • We celebrated my soon-to-be-brother-in-law's birthday last night. It was neat thinking that in just a couple short months he and my baby sis will be husband and wife. Scott will be part of our family forever! How awesome!
  • We're gearing up for our annual St. Patty's Day Auction and Dinner! This benefits our youth at church and helps raise funds to send them to camp. It's always a lot of fun. If you don't have plans for St. Patty's, come and join in on the excitement! And if you have anything to donate, email me :)
  • I started reading again. After my reading binge over December and January, it all came to a halt. I bought a few books, one of them being aa spiritual book called "Thrive, Don't Simply Survive" by Karol Ladd. Has anyone read this?
  • I've been trying to make really good fried rice. My first attempt was a soggy mess; my second much better. In my search for help, I found a great blog about Thai food and cooking called She Simmers. Check it out! She's a great writer, takes beautiful photographs, and is incredibly knowledgeable. I learned, for example, that there are different soy sauces for different regional cuisines. 
  • I splurged and bought Urban Decay's eyeshadow palette Naked. It is amazing. It's $50 but comes with a plethora of gorgeous shadow colors, a primer, and a fantastic brush. Check it out here.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend--even if it's rainy!


  1. PhotoShop Touch? So, this is like finger painting, but professional style :-0 Nice work!

  2. ooooh your makeup!! the girl who did my sister's makeup for her wedding (her good friend, another bridesmaid) had that exact same compact - I was drooling over the colors! so fun to see your parents btw :)

    1. They loved seeing you, too! Yes, it's amazing. Put it on your wish list! It's worth it!

  3. Great job on The Loveliest Way banner. I've got to admit though that I somehow didn't put two and two together. I read this post...apparently in one eye out the other. Then, on a different day, I went to TLW, and thought, "Wow cool new look."


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