Happy Birthday, Debbie!

This post wraps up birthday month for us! We have four August birthdays in our immediate family. (But of course you know that...you've been counting, haven't you?) My dad, Rob's mom, and my two sisters.

Last night, we kept it simple and tried to order ready-made as much as possible. We bought filet skewers from Quality Meats and six cupcakes from Frosted Muffin. That left me time to make a fun birthday banner and try out a new potato recipe. (I'll share it soon!)

We had a great night celebrating Debbie and her years of life! We swapped candles out for sparklers, spent lots of time enjoying a warm summer night, and ate way too many cupcakes! She's such a special woman to so many people, but especially to those of us in her family. We love you, Debbie, and wish you many, many happy moments this year!


  1. Thanks for the great celebration! I had a wonderful evening.

  2. I love sparklers! How fun 😊


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