How to Create Simple Photo Collages

If you're like me, you take a hundred photos for every event. At least. But you know as well as I do that not everyone cares to see a mile long post full of photos. In come photo collages to save the day! They help cram as many of your favorites as possible in a small space. (For an example, check out my post on Avila Beach.)

There are a number of different ways to create photo collages, but I've come to love Today, I'm sharing how a few clicks can get you a fabulous collage!
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Choose Pixlr express. (You can try the other two later!)
Step 3: Choose Collage. If you only want to work on one photo, then choose Browse.
Step 4: Add photos by clicking the blue box with the plus sign. You'll be able to drag the photos around, so you don't have to have them perfectly in place yet.
Step 5: Change the collage layout if desired. (You can also do this before Step 4.) You can continue changing the layout until you find the one you like.
Step 6: Once your photos are in place, you can either be finished, or you can adjust each one individually. Hover over the photo, and three icons will pop up: an arrow circle thing, a paintbrush, and an X. The first allows you to swap the photo, the second allows you to edit it, and the third deletes it. Click on the editing button. Along the bottom, choose Adjustment. You can change the color, the brightness, play with blurring, and even touch up imperfections! Be sure and save each photo after you work on it. Once they're all good, click Finished. Now you can work on the image as a whole!
Step 7: Make adjustments and add effects to the image as a whole. You can also add text at this point! (Note: The text option is my least favorite thing to work with, but if you're doing small bits, it's great.)
Step 8: Save it! ( is a sad day when you've worked on your collage only to close out and forget to save.)

That's it, friends! If you try it, leave a link in the comment so we can check it out!


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