Chelsea's Birthday Surprise

It's not often you get to really surprise someone with a fantastic gift. We started talking about what to get my sister Chelsea weeks ago. She had recently moved in to a new apartment with a friend, and there were plenty of things she needed. However, getting her a crock pot or new dish towels just didn't seem like the right gift to get her for her 25th. And as much fun as it would be to get her a new car, none of us can afford that. So, we put our heads together (and our pockets) to get her the next best thing to a car...

...a shiny, red bike!
We all met at Henry Salazar's for her birthday dinner, and we claimed that we had forgotten her gifts. (I said that I had ordered her something, and it was on the way.) Robby had sneakily brought the bike earlier and parked it across the street on a bike rack. After dinner, we crossed the street to head to the parking lot, and showed her that great bike. She thought we were kidding at first, but we assured her it was for her. So, she hopped on and took it for a spin. We know she'll have lots of fun living in town and riding her bike to her favorite local places.


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