Double the Restaurants...

...Double the Fun!

Last night, we had double the fun with the Gimlin's doing our favorite thing: eating out. We started off at Cafe 225, which was a "new to us in awhile" place to go. It was pretty tasty, and in my book redeemed the last couple of not-so-good experiences we had there. I was all set to order the creme brulee when Ben said it would be fun to go and see a friend of ours working at another restaurant downtown. So, we headed down the street to have dessert and coffee at Tommy's Restaurant. The dessert was very good, and the atmosphere was fun, and the lighting was...missing??! Yep, about halfway through the dessert time, the lights went out, so we enjoyed most of our bread pudding, chocolate-peanut butter pie, and root beer floats by candlelight. It was pretty fun, and we all agreed that it felt like we were at Disneyland.

Stephanie and I were both kicking ourselves that we had forgotten our cameras (something we never do!), as we agreed that a picture of us enjoying desserts in the dark would definitely be blog-worthy. She took one with her phone, though, so once she attempts to post it, I'll link it. Fun, fun.


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