Good times with Dave and Andrea

After months of trying to plan something to work out, Dave and Andrea finally were able to come for another visit this weekend. It's always fun when they're around, and these last few days were no exception. Whether we were lounging around (which we did quite a bit of), making tasty morsels at home, going out for a meal, or playing some mean mini golf, our time was full of laughter. (For your convenience, the pictures below have been sorted by the categories mentioned.)
"Lounging Around" Pictures
1. Andrea getting caught up on some important reading
2. Rob and Dave catching up on some band time together.
3. Rob playing Wii Mario Cart and Andrea online
"Making Tasty Morsels" Pictures
1. My cute fall rice krispy treats
2. Dave working on his awesome chicken tacos he made us
"Going Out" Pictures
1. Looking pretty at Brewbaker's
2. Making the normal "Robby and Candace" picture a bit more interesting with Dave's insertion of a peace hello
3. See how the table is green but the rest is black and white? Neat.
4. Brewbaker's special bubblegum soda
"Mean Mini Golf" Pictures
1. Gotta love the cute putters
2. Hole in one! (Twice, actually!!)3. Group photo
(Note that the person taking the picture for us chose specifically not to follow Robby's instruction of "Move in closer to take the picture.")

Thanks for gracing our home with your presence, Andrea and Dave! Looks like we'll need to do the drive next time. Maybe we can include Disneyland?!


  1. it was an awesome weekend guys! thank you again for housing us. altho you don't have to hold my flip flops hostage, i would gladly have come back for another weekend even without that. :) let's get our big tree fix!!


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