Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Round-Up

For Halloween, our church threw a "Fall Round-up" for the kids in our church and in our community. It truly was a success with about 85 kids and their families showing up. Robby and I dressed up as cowboy and cowgirl for the theme. Too bad this picture doesn't show my cute boots!
I created a cookie decorating station. It turned out really cute, and thanks to the high school girls who ran it, it was a success. My mom and I were in charge of the food. More accurately, she was in charge of the food, but I was her trusty assistant. We served the traditional carnival meal: hot dogs, chili, and nachos. My good assisting disappeared when Steph, Will, and the kids showed up, though. I just had to run around with them! Molly does her "princess pose" for usAnd Willy does his "love that lollipop" pose
Fun, fun!

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  1. What was Willy's costume supposed to be? I've spent more than a week trying to figure it out, and the closest I can come is "caterpillar".


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