Happy Birthday, Mom

Today was a day off from school in honor of Veteran's day, but around the Vander Kooi home, Veteran's day was really a day off for mom's birthday. We celebrated at Vintage Press and went all out! (Thanks, Dad for the fine dining.) My meal was so incredible: a stuffed baby pumpkin (yes, yummy!) with a fall pear salad and a lemon drop on the side. Delicious!

Mom and Dad toast to Mom's dayBlondies
Close with my honeyThe Desserts
This actually was round 1 because they forgot to bring the creme brulee, so that came next.
Sleeping in, breakfast at Starbuck's, lunch at VP, and the rest of the afternoon lounging around at home. What a fabulous day.


  1. Oh delicious! I miss VP...their baby pumpkins are one of my favs!


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