Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was great. I don't have pictures to prove it, but it really was. We were able to spend a whole day with John and Kelly and baby Anna here in Visalia...a real treat! They were planning on leaving at 2:30, when Robby and I were going to head for a friend's wedding, but when they found out the wedding was going to be short, they offered to wait for us. We were back within two hours and had pizza and plenty of hang-out time.

Besides the fun time with JK and A, we enjoyed Megan Gimlin's beautiful yet simple wedding on Saturday, as well as a cold but fun Saddle game Friday night. And now...back to work.


  1. It's the El D/Golden West version of Cowhide. Not as fun, I'll admit, but our students at church are all GW kids.


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