School's In

Today was my first day back at school, so it marked the end of my fabulous three week break. I'm not complaining - I know most people get a few days off here and there during the holidays, and I get three beautiful weeks of freedom. Still, I usually shed a tear or two the night before it all starts up again. I was good last night, though, feeling incredibly refreshed and grateful for my vacation.

Here are my top 10 moments/experiences from my break (in no true particular order):

10. Sleeping in, even if it's not like it was when I was a teenager (Seriously, how did we sleep in until the afternoon? That's absurd.)
9. Enjoying my Christmas decorations and lights
8. Wearing sweats or pajama-like clothes for a majority of each day, and wearing jeans to "dress up"
7. Reading, writing, enjoying the things that made me love English in the first place
6. Watching New Moon (again) and Sherlock Holmes (awesome!) with good company
5. Spending time with wonderful friends and family, and filling that time with games, movies, Wii, dinners, and other lovely things
4. An extended New Year's celebration with the deGrassie's
3. Celebrating Christ's birth with our families on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
2. Being a hermit for a few days...feeding the needs of my introvert self
1. Getting to spend nearly every day with my husband

By the way, my day was good today. My students were happy to be back and were excited about the new seating arrangement. (Isn't it funny how even the slightest change creates excitement with middle school students?) I think we're off to a good start...


  1. Hi Candace! Sounds like you had a great refreshing break- I wish mine could've been as long! Glad to hear your first day back went well! See you soon :)

  2. I think your extra week off for Christmas makes us even now for days in school!! We started back Jan 4 and finals are next week. I can't decide if I would rather start later in August or get an extra week for Christmas. Glad things are good!


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