Shopping at its Finest

It is surprising to ever find anything "new" in Visalia. We seem to know (or at least have heard of) pretty much every restaurant, shop, park, etc. Imagine my surprise, then, as my mom told me about this supposedly great antique shop out in the country. She had heard of it from my aunt in Redlands of all places, so we (Mom, Robby, me) decided to venture out and see what this was.

The antique shop -- or group of shops, to be more accurate -- is located in the middle of an orchard, and is in reality a set of Victorian homes and an old Victorian barn (photo above). My mom and I wandered around the large barn and the two small homes open for shopping. It was a much more pleasant experience than most antique stores because it wasn't overly crowded with stuff, which seems to be a problem many shops have.

My purchases were simple: two moss covered (fake moss, of course) urn like containers and a little bird to add to my collection. It was definitely worth the trip, and worth another one soon, especially since the Christmas items will be put away next week.


  1. Good Goods is on my to do list! They advertise in my Cottages and Bunglalows magazine. We went there several years ago when the big house next door was up for sale.

  2. Cute, love the urns! How fun! You'll have to show me where it is sometime... Hope you have a good first week back!

  3. ok seriously, i want to go there. and when i finally move up to portland, and you guys come visit, i'll take you to something similar up there, it's like an antiques colony but all the shops are old homes!
    hope you guys are awesome, miss ya.


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