What's blooming?

I used to think absolutely nothing could thrive in a cold winter, let alone lovely flowers, but (thanks to help from my mother-in-law and Lowe's), I'm happy to say I'm wrong! So, here's what's blooming in my cold January yard:

Stock - This is something that has continued to bloom since the fall. Out of all of our fall flowers, it has done the best and has held on the longest.
Dianthus, which I have learned are more commonly called "pinks" or "carnations" depending on the type. Carnations happen to be my birthday flower, so I thought it was neat that they are growing in January, my birthday month.
Cyclamen, one of my new favorite flowers. We have them in white and pink. The white ones were force-bloomed at Lowe's, but the pink were born in Debbie's garden and transplanted here just in time to get happy and bloom.Camelias - not all camelias bloom in the winter, but this variety does. They are a lovely pale pink.And last but surely not least, as these are my favorite, is the hellebore. Debbie introduced these to me last year, and I fell in love immediately. They are a pale green with dots of purple. Could anything be more stunning?Isn't God good? He makes it so that even in the cold, dreary months of January, we are given bursts of color to remind us of his joy and grace.


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