Sunshine Surprise

It has been dreary in Visalia this last week or so, and it seems the rain and gloom will just continue through this week, as well. However, we did have a nice surprise of sunshine on Saturday, so Robby and I took advantage of it and rode our bikes to Starbuck's where we met Ben and Stephanie. (She took the picture above and I snagged it off of Facebook.) I also coincidentally ran into two friends from high school, so all in all we had a nice long visit at the coffee shop.

Today, the sun also decided to shine its face on us for a short while before it set. After two long days of rain, it came out just long enough for me to absorb some light and vitamins, and then disappeared to make room for the moon.

I forget how much my mood is affected by the weather. I look forward to a few sunny days in a row to lift my spirits!


  1. Hey, I know that Starbucks! If there is a dearth of physical sunshine, the Lord often sends spiritual sunshine in the form of loved ones, good coffee, and/or pleasant surprises.



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