Four down, three to go...

Days of STAR testing, that is. Things have gone relatively smoothly, but I think we all are pretty wiped out from it. The exciting thing is after testing we get a few weeks of normal teaching without standards review or stressful meetings. That will be nice.

And the real exciting thing is that I have five weeks and two days left of the school year! Things are moving right along.


  1. any fun plans for the summer?

  2. Can - My memories of STAR testing are largely centered around the day that my class had to stop testing rihgt in the middle and leave the room because the police arrived with the drug-sniffing dogs. I always kind of thought that it wasn't fair for the state of CA to evaluate their test scores on the same curve as all other middle schoolers unless EVERYONE had their testing interrupted at least once by police drug raids. *sigh* But such is the joy of "standardized" testing.

    I hope your STAR experiences continue to be bearable. You are a great teacher!


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