Stop and smell the candles

I love candles. In fact, I spent a good portion of my day in Anthropologie today walking around and smelling all of their fabulous scents. (I can only imagine what I looked like, sniffing those candles as if it were my last breath.) Since Anthro is a bit pricey for me, however, I am always thrilled when I find a fantastic candle at a great price. Recently, I found this one at Target and love it! I tend to like scents that have a citrus edge to them, but still are sweet. This one is perfect and a good little deal at about $8.00. Plus the tin is super cute and surely will find a use once the candle is all gone.


  1. note to self: tin candles can also light completely on fire, leaving a nice black ring on whatever surface you happen to set it on when the wax is gone!! :) (obviously spoken from experience...not once, but twice. oops!!)


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