iGoogle...do you?

Recently, Kelly told me I needed to create an iGoogle page for myself. Being the great friend she is, she decided to create it for me. I'll explain it, just in case you're like me and late (as usual) in jumping on the recent bandwagon. It's basically a page that you create with your favorite "gadgets." My page has, first of all, a picture of Edward Cullen that greets me, a quickview of my Gmail account, a daily literary quote (which has not yet contained an author I actually know), my Google calendar, weather updates, (rain today and tomorrow...), links to and updates from StephenieMeyer.com (have you seen the new Eclipse trailer yet??), Design*Sponge, and Cooking Light, and my very own Snow Tiger that I feed and care for. Oh! It also has a place to post to my blog (no pictures, just text), which I am trying out for the first time right now. I won't get to check if it actually worked until I get home, so hopefully it hasn't done something crazy like translate the words into Spanish or insert exclamation points after each sentence.


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