Tears of...joy?

This past weekend, John and Kelly and the baby came and spent a couple of nights with us. Now, this has become a fairly common thing for all of us. Because JK have been staying in Bakersfield for awhile awaiting a job placement in San Diego, we've had the wonderful pleasure of getting to seem them quite often. Sadly, this is going to change. Their visit came with reasons to celebrate: Kelly's birthday and John's work start date set for May. Of course, those could also be considered reasons to cry just a bit because, first of all, who really likes getting older, and second of all, who ever likes their wonderful friends to move away?

So, we celebrated (I'm going to stick with the positive view) by doing all of our favorite things. We went to Cheesecake Factory and ate delicious food and dessert; lounged around drinking coffee and eating cookies; stayed up late gabbing away like high school girls; enjoyed a breakfast of fresh crepes; shopped a bit; watched Twilight extras and New Moon; and barbecued outside in the beautiful weather. Needless to say, it was a great weekend, although it felt bittersweet as we were saying good-bye.

By the way, I thought I'd share that I gave Kelly the ultimate moving away survival kit: Twilight and New Moon dvds. If only I could have given Edward Cullen himself. :)

A few pictures from the visit are below. I particularly like the pouty one of Anna who, contrary to what these pictures show, is quite a smiley baby.

The next Feely/deGrassie post will probably be us visiting them in lovely San Diego! That doesn't sound too bad, afterall...


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