Before and After: "New" Chair

This chair has followed me around for sometime.  It had a home in my first classroom and my first apartment, but lately was in hiding as it needed some serious updating.  The red stripes just scream dorm room a little too loudly for my taste these days.  Never fear, though...the Great White Bolt to the rescue!

Although I didn't include a tutorial as I'm not sure how many of you own the $10 Urban Outfitter chair that was on clearance six years ago, I will say doing a simple recover like this is worth your time and money.  Sure, my stitches aren't perfect...but it looks pretty fantastic for $5 of velcro and thread.

A bit young and dated...not to mention scratched up by Calla
In its black underwear!  (Which was much too scratchy to use by itself.)
Oh and remember this?
It was made for this!
Clean and white...who doesn't love that?
Oh and that adorable white ottoman I found at a thrift shop boutique (you do know those exist, right?) for a mere $12.  It even opens to reveal secret storage.


  1. so cute!! now you can help me re-upholster those two brown chairs in our living room :)

    oh and that fabric paper was found at michaels...i only noticed that one print mixed in with all the other scrapbook paper, but i'm sure it exists in one of our other many craft stores with more options!


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