Wisdom, from the great and small

Two little bits of wisdom came my way from two very different people, one from Bernadine, a woman at church celebrating forty-one years of marriage, and another from my little 10-year-old student.

As Bernadine and I waited for practice to begin, she shared that it is a testimony to the Lord that she and her husband have been married for forty-one years.  She explained there is only one way to do that: become a woman who prays.  Hard times are going to come; disagreements will happen; a desire to give up will no doubt appear.  But according to Bernadine, "That's when you become a prayin' woman."

A day later my ten-year-old piano student was complaining about his knee hurting, a symptom of his growing pains.  As he rubbed his knee, he said, "I hate growing pains."  Then he smiled and added, "But I want to grow."

Wisdom at its finest!  There could be no greater thing than for me to become a praying woman.  And it's clear in Scripture that we become prayin' people when we are faced with things beyond our control, things that are difficult and painful.  Of course we may hate the pain...but hopefully, our desire to grow will be stronger, and we'll be able to overcome through prayer.


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