The white one, please

You would think that with it being summer and all, I would have plenty of time to blog.  However, my life seems to be just the opposite: summer is our busy-every-second-barely-catch-your-breath season, while spring, fall, and winter tend to be much more restful.  So here I am, trying to squeeze a post in, having skipped out on something at church tonight to take a nap and rest a bit :)

We had VBS this past week, which turned out to be a totally exhausting success!  I was the music leader, and we had a blast teaching the kids about Jesus through amazing (and super fun) songs.  As soon as VBS was over, we were hanging out with my three sisters, celebrating Chelsea's recent engagement with wedding dress shopping!!!  Here are a few pictures from our day.  Of course, I have about fifty pictures of Chels in various dresses, but I couldn't very well post those.  You'll just have to stay tuned :)

Pretty bouquet from our garden
Chels all ready to find her dream dress!
Mom and the sisters
Dress shop, fun, fun!


  1. AHHH How fun!!! I am so excited for Chels and all of the fun that you guys get to have with her. Man, I wish I could see pictures of her in dresses.

  2. Where did you guys go dress shopping? Remember when we went shopping for YOUR dress? :) Love the VK girls...


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